Last Update: 16/01/2017

Terms and Policies

(Privacy / Procurement / Use)

1.Initial Considerations

1.1 The bithostel(CNPJ - 14.406.585/0001-59) offers digital services, in a shared environment, through the infrastructure of virtual servers in all continents, providing the required hardware and software to the needs and the various aspects that involve your services, not including the means and infrastructure resources necessary to access these services.

1.2 To provide its services, the bithostel uses its own resources, created and maintained by it, as well as contracted partners. This variety of services is stated in our site and can be changed, removed or extended without prior notice by aspects of availability, feasibility, market and commercial interests of the bithostel.

When hiring any of the services listed on our site, it is necessary to emphasize that you agree with these terms and policies.

1.3 these terms and policies may be changed at any time and therefore, it is essential to keep up to date on the terms and if at any time, is not in agreement with any topic, changed or included, check the possibility of the adjustment or even cancellation of their services.


2.1 All services are subject to the full compliance with the Constitution of the Federative Republic of Brazil, as well as to the Code Civil, and Marco Civil of the Internet.

Thus, they are not allowed to stock or contents that:

2.2 Promote any form and degree of racism, homophobia, terrorism, or pedophilia.

2.3 Threaten the guarantees or the rights of the individual or the collective.

2.5 Have material that is protected by copyright laws, national or international law, or laws that protect the intellectual property, unless there is documentation that permits its use and disclosure.

2.6 Use of trademarks or content Marketing of trademarks in

the national territory or abroad, provided that the use is by the owner of the


2.7 a breach of any of the terms contained in the Marco Civil da Internet.

It is important to highlight that the whole account is liable to suspension or intervention that is determined by judicial action. All and any data of the account and logs related, may be provided if the justice to determine.

2.8 these terms and policies apply to all products and

services provided.

3.Details of the registration (Your Data)

3.1 When you register, affirms the legitimacy of the data registered and agree to these terms and policies. All information is stored on our services that reside on our secure infrastructure and protected servers for a period up to 06 months after the cancellation of all contracted services, as required by brazilian law(Marco Civil da Internet).

(Full name, Email address, Address, Telephone, Access Logs)

3.2 we Believe that access, use, preservation or disclosure of such

the information is reasonably necessary to:

(1) satisfy any applicable law, regulation, legal process or enforceable governmental request;

(2) enforce applicable terms of service, including investigation of potential violations thereof;

(3) detect, prevent, or otherwise address issues of fraud, security or technical;or

(4) protect against harm to the rights, property or safety of our users, us or the public as required or permitted by law.

3.3 We may use, along with our partners and software of digital services, certain data information in aggregate, non-personal information, such as the number of users per area demographic. Such information does not identify you individually, and as permitted and described in the present terms and policies of each of our digital services.


The availability of the contracted services, is possible only through the maintenance of a range of infrastructure configurations that the bithostel maintains and offers at a very competitive price. Thus, in order to avoid the interruption of services or even cancellation of the same, with possible data loss, it is recommended to be aware of the following related financial issues:

4.1. The service payments are recurring and are automatically renewed, provided that the customer or the bithostel not manifest setbacks.

4.2. Payments occur in frequency according to the choice that is made at the time of hiring, and can be: monthly, quarterly, semiannual or annual.

4.3. The values of the services may be subjected to adjustment according to the market conditions, such as for example, inflation, foreign exchange variation, taxation and the change in the political or business conditions of our partners. Whenever they occur, the bithostel will the early communication by e-mail, forwarding to the address that appears on your registration.

As well as you, the bithostel is only able to provide the contracted service, if it you get the resources to maintain its infrastructure and the regularity and accuracy of the payments is essential to keep the services functional.

4.4. In cases where there is a option for payment via credit card, given the impossibility of the debit, for any reason, the system automatically issues a ticket, which is forwarded by email to the address that appears on your registration.

4.5. When the mode of payment chosen is by bank deposit slip, the same will be forwarded by email to the address that appears on your registration.

4.6. As a result of the topics above "4.3.", "4.4." and "4.5.", it is essential to keep your email address up to date.

4.7. The default for a period equal to or greater than 5 days, will result in suspension of services. If the period exceeds 30 days, the account will be subject to cancellation.

4.8. In the event there are two or more payments pending, the discharge of the latter, does not discharge the debts earlier.

4.9. The delay in payment is liable to increased penalties and interest.

4.10. The issuance of duplicate slips, misplaced or not received, you may produce the reactivation of a suspended account, provided that there is not more than one payment pending.

4.11. The reactivation of service suspended, occurs in up to 24 hours counted from the confirmation of payment.

4.12. If necessary or in the interest of the client to change the dates of maturity, will be increased by the value pro-rata calculated between the day of expiry of the previous and the new, and asking that the new calculated value in the next period.

4.13. The suspension of services by default, does not exempt payment of the days in which the services are suspended.

5.Service: Private Tunnel (VPN)

A VPN is a connection established over a public infrastructure, or shared, using technologies of tunneling and encryption to keep secure the data traffic.

VPNs secure, use encryption protocols for tunneling that provide the confidentiality, authentication and integrity are required to ensure the privacy of communications required. In this service we provide only for access, the technology openvpn, which creates a tunnel access to the internet is encrypted and thus all their logs of access and navigation, are encrypted with unique coding and if

are only available(decoded) between your access point and the server, that is, available only for this tunnel(VPN).

5.1. To be a part of a server, and part of an infrastructure, there are physical limitations in the use of the hardware on which the VPN is a part of, being that the consumed traffic will be limited in order not to compromise the overall performance of the physical server.

5.2. All of the content restrictions relating to the brazilian legislation in force and the international laws on copyright and intellectual property, are applicable to this service.

5.3. Sending SPAM is not tolerated.

5.4. In the event of blocking by IP of your VPN, it is the user's responsibility to adopt the measures for removal of the lock, as well as any fees that blacklists cover.

5.5. The provision of the password and user access, as well as access address to the user, entails responsibilities as to the security of the server, and therefore, one should keep in mind some key points:

(1). The computer or any device by which if you make VPN access should be free of malwares and the procedures necessary to ensure this, should be adopted often.

(2). The logs of access to services are maintained by 06 months as required by law, this includes: IP Access - Date and Time of the Start and Termination of connections.

(3). Occurrences generated by improper use or incorrect access may be fixed by our support, depending on the extent and severity, by charging specific proportionate to the problem.

5.6. The licenses for services and applications that are not part of the VPN standard, are paid the part.

5.7. The installation of additional services or applications to the standard of the VPN, be limited to the aspects of availability of technical support. See advance technical support regarding any specific need.

5.8. The IPs used by this service are served for our partners and they managed along the way as needed.

5.9. The cancellation of a VPN must be done at least 30 days prior to the date on the next payment, which are always in the forefront.

6. Security

The security of their services depends in the first place you even and is the direct result of what you do and care that you have.

Behave with your data, with the same care that you have in relation to your personal safety.

The bithostel works hard to give you a safe and secure environment, but there are care that depend on you and your concern and the importance that gives to your data.

The security of your data registered is guaranteed by our secure infrastructure of servers and it is the responsibility of the bithostel provided for by law, to keep your data secure and private access.

Your password is encrypted and stored on our infrastructure.

The Situations and responsibilities regarding the security of the services and of the servers:

6.1. The user that cause the blocking of the IP of the server, whether by direct actions or by negligence of any of the security protocols required for the use of the services, you may be held liable in the adoption of reparatory measures necessary and arising from the lock.

The following are some of the actions, direct or indirect, that may result in blocking by IP or server, and that can make the responsible to take actions to correct the problems, and compensate losses:

(1). Mass mailings (newsletters, press releases, email marketing, promotions, disclosures, distribution lists, etc.);

(2). The sending of SPAM;

(3). Phishing, whether voluntary or due to a lack of corrective actions / preventive, such as, for example, failed to adopt secure passwords and use tools to ensure that the device access to the account is free of malware;

(4). Refuse to prove that the access devices to the account, you are safe;

(5). Use of passwords with low security standard;

(6). Provide your data to third parties;

6.2. If the Sysop identify situations that put in risk the environment of our infrastructure, we may apply measures in order to preserve the server, the services, other users, and that may include:

(1). Removal of content that may put in risk the server or any other aspect provided for in this term.

(2). Change passwords of accounts.

(3).Request means to prove that the computer that has access to the account is free for malware, by means of the supply of logs to programs specifically designated for this purpose.

(5). Blocking of the account.

(6). Suspension of the account.

(7). The demotion of resources.

(8). The cancellation of the account.

7. Customer Service and support

Technical Support, Sales and Billing, are provided to assist the user in relation to the various aspects in which the user encounters difficulties or has questions.

For both, there are a number of procedures, care, and situations that are observed, make the support more agile and efficient:

7.1. The service channels are available, contact via Customer Panel(Questions), telephone and e-mail, with the following times:

(1). Customer panel(Questions) – Monday to Friday(24/7).

(2). Phone – Monday to Friday, from 09:00h to 13:00h(UTC -03:00).

(3). Email – 7 days a week(24/7).

7.2. The customer service channels available, can be changed if necessary or according to demand.

7.3. All calls are recorded and information maintained for the safety of both parties – client and bithostel – and maintained for the duration of 06 months after the cancellation of any contracted service.

7.4.The response time for the called is up to 24 hours, to questions of a technical nature, except if the necessary procedures or complexity of the issue require more time or there is dependency information of the user which are not contained in the contact.

8. Uptime guarantee (SLA - 99.9%)

The Service Level Agreement or simply SLA, is a term used in the middle to designate the percentage of time that the services are available during your contracted period, and reflects our commitment to keep them functional and accessible.

8.1. It is understood as the fulfillment of the SLA the following aspects:

(1). The existence of connectivity to the servers in the datacenter, through which flows the data from it and to it.

(2). The services are accessible, operational, and respond according to their standards.

8.2. Occurrences that have not as the cause of the points above, does not include the guarantee provided to the SLA.

8.3. Our SLA is at least 99.9%, that is, we have set as a goal that the services are accessible during 99.9% of the time understood.

8.4. In the case of the SLA, the minimum not be reached, the user may receive a reduction in the payment of the services according to the parameters below:

(1). 10% discount if the servers and/or services being unavailable for up to 2%, comprised of the contracted period.

(2). 20% discount if the servers and/or services being unavailable between 2% and 4%, comprised of the contracted period.

(3). 30% discount if the servers and/or services being unavailable between 4% and 6%, comprised of the contracted period.

(4). 40% discount if the servers and/or services being unavailable between 6% and 8%, comprised of the contracted period.

8.5. In case there is harm that exceed the SLA, the minimum, the discount is applied based on the situations mentioned in the topic above, it will be granted only in payment following the event.

8.6. May not be considered for the effect of non-compliance of the SLA and in this way absolve the bithostel to comply with the SLA is established here, for the following situations:

(1). DDoS attack or a DoS to the servers and services.

(2). Scheduled maintenance to technical adjustments of hardware or software on the servers, in which occur in the conditions laid down in the chapter itself.

(3). Interventions emergency that may be necessary for the adoption of procedures aimed at the security of the server, or even your operation, such as updating software, rewriting, installations and scheduled maintenance.

(4). Suspension of service determined by the competent authority, as for example, by the justice.

(5). Abuse on the part of the user, which may lead to overload to the services.

(6). Incorrect use, neglect of safety, incorrect settings and the like.

9. Responsibilities and Guarantees

A responsible company is not synonymous with what takes absolutely the responsibility on any occurrence. Regretfully we have to worry about abuses and situations in which if you want to take undue advantages, or infringement of Terms and Policies.

Thus, they follow the respective all of which declare to acknowledge and agree:

9.1. No information contained on the site bithostel or services by means of it contractors, can be held liable for any damage, direct or indirect, and that its use is done at your own risk.

9.2. The company bithostel, its managers, employees and suppliers, do not have any responsibility for the content that you come to host on our servers, which is your responsibility, regardless of the nature and approach to give the same.

9.3. The option of the contracting of services on our website, is voluntary, individual and conscious, and in doing so has the knowledge and agree with all the implications that this represents.

9.4. Any shortcomings, inaccuracies, and restrictions on distribution for temporary services, may not always be a liability on the bithostel for the losses and damages of any nature.

9.5. Has knowledge of all the points covered in this term of provision of the services, you agree with the obligations, rights, sanctions, and penalties provided therein and that in the event of non-compliance of any point on the part of the client / user, is willing to bear the burden arising out of such breach.

9.6. Your reputation, your visitation and your constancy in the search engines such as Google or Bing, or equivalent, is not of the responsibility of the bithostel or of the services that she offers.

9.7. The inability or lack of knowledge, or any other impediment that is not correct operation of the services or the connection problem in your infrastructure from access our servers and services, does not require the responsibilities of any order to the bithostel, its managers, employees and suppliers.